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Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Nigeria Spirit!

Have you heard of the Nigeria Spirit? 

We are the world's happiest in spite of the hideous injustice. We will never give up on our mother land despite the shame amongst the comity of the blessed nation. We will not stop believing in the cause to be the world greatest even though it seems not imminent. Even if we are still going to sleep with without electricity tonight, we will not go for looking for what is not obtainable here in another land. Our spirit is resilient…whenever we wanted to be at our best, we always bring the world to its feet. We survived months of tryout without a president…it could have caused war in some other places. We conquered the world in sports, literature and intellectually still relevant to all nations of the Earth. The Nigerian spirit is out of the world…on the other hand, we are the hope of the black race because out of every eight black man in the world, one is Nigerian. 

We must hold on and not give up. It is said 'When Life puts you in tough situations, don't say, WHY ME just say, TRY ME. But we must start to tell them now, so they won't say we did not inform them. This resilient spirit is not a foolish spirit. They should therefore not endeavour to try things that they have always embarked on. We are not fools…It is well with our motherland. This Nigerian spirit will not have a breakdown but a breakthrough over every opposition of Her progress. It will not faint justice is established in every aspect of our lives. It will not quit but will quench every selfish ambition that has kept us in bondage. 

We will not carry guns or detonate bombs. Nigeria is too precious to be desecrated. We will shout it loud. We will cry about this to every rooftop. We will carry the message to every corner of our Motherland. The Nigeria Spirit is not for sale and nothing is strong enough in the world over to kill her. Because it will not die, we will vow to never give up or look back until Nigeria soars to where it belongs in the Comity of Nations. 

Nigeria is alive because Her Spirit lives on!!!