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Friday, 26 August 2011

Nigeria Alive Creed! {II}

This is what we believe and where we stand about the country of our birth, it doesn’t matter what anybody holds or believes about us, Nigeria is alive. The best news is the fact that Nigeria lives and thrives and doesn’t struggle to survive. 

Nigeria is alive and cannot stop to live. Nigeria did not happen by chance. It was not created by colonialists. It was not a product of Africa-European incursion. It was pleasingly planned by God and that’s why it is alive.

Nigeria is not a mistake but a marvel. Lord Lugard didn’t not create Nigeria, God created her. Nigeria is not a colonialism blunder but her people and place was planned by the creator king. She is a world class marvel!
The Nigeria state will not fail but flourish. Nigeria is far from being a failed state, she is flourishing with passion and is on the verge of becoming the envy of this generation. She will disappoint world-class analyst and commentator by not failing but flourishing!  

Nigeria will not sink but soar. Her detractors and hecklers are numerous but she won’t sink or crash or break into splinters despite their incapacitating endeavors and propensities. She will soar more than any nation of world.
Nigeria will not crash because our Lord lives. They thought that our proclivity is corruption but we will daze this generation by discarding and rejecting this evil label, not by media campaign or propaganda, we will actually change. We will say no to corruption and fight it with every gut given us by God.

Therefore, because that Nigeria is the hope of every living black man Nigeria will blossom! God bless Nigeria. Peace and Unity is it! Most importantly, because God loves Nigeria. He likes other nations of the world but HE really loves Nigeria. That is why Nigeria is alive!