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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Remarkable Words of my Father - Bishop David O Oyedepo

Ø The Mandate: ‘And now the hour has come to liberate the World from all oppressions of the devil through the preaching of the Word of Faith, and I am sending you to undertake the task’

   Ø It is Foolishness to be shameful of what is gainful
 Ø Life is Phases, Men are in Sizes
 Ø Yeah! I can never be poor
 Ø Any Faith that makes God absolutely responsible for the outcome of your Life is an irresponsible Faith
 Ø Mentorship is not Sponsorship
 Ø There is nothing Extraordinary about any life, but your Extraordinary Imput
 Ø Every Serious Approach will always guarantee a Glorious Result
 Ø Seek Ye First the Kingdom and all these things that others are dying to get will be added to you
 Ø Life is not a playfare, neither is it a Funfair but Life is a Warfare.
 Ø Life is an Adventure of Personal Responsibilities.
 Ø Faith is not just believing God, it is Behaving God
 Ø It is the Light in you that determines the Life in you.
 Ø You are uniquely fitted to carry out a unique purpose on Earth.
 Ø What you don’t believe, you can never receive

Ø You don’t watch what you don’t want.
 Ø We are a people of Equal Destiny
 Ø You are to be envied not to be pitied
 Ø What you don’t expect, you don’t experience
 Ø Leadership is not occupying a seat; it is accomplishing a feat. It is not occupying a position; it is making outstanding contributions. It is not occupying a place; it is setting a pace
 Ø The Era of Brethren let us go is over, I’m on my way, follow me if you want


Friday, 26 September 2014

My Diamond Musings

If there was no Mandate,
The Affirmation of our Faith
And our Propensity for God’s Kingdom
Will not be this Incredible and Priviledged  

We will never know the place of Sensitivity
In our Covenant Walk with this Gorgeous Good God
We will never appreciate nor understand
How to acquire God Vision for our Lives
And not live with Personal Ambition

We will never know God as
The never – failing source of all things
And not lack any one thing
We will never know that
You can stay away from cutting corners and
Still make it to the top
We will never know
God can build an Edifice Debt – free
With no fund raising or begging mere mortals

We will never know about the Pillars of our Destiny
The Serenity and Joy its Pursuit gives
We wouldn’t have learnt how to go as commanded
Even if inconvenient
We wouldn’t have known that life will not give us what
We deserve but what we demand
And never to watch what we don’t want

What we do not know or might never know
Wouldn’t have never mattered
If there was no Mandate on May 1st 1981
But before the Mandate on that first day of May
There was a birth on September 27th
Generation yet unborn and incipient
Will never stop blessing the name of the Lord
Because the Mandate came to pass
Oh my Diamond Anniversary Musings!

                                                                Dotun Owolabi
                                                                September, 2014