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Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Plight, Flight and Fight of the Nigerian Child

Economic Intelligent Unit ranks Nigeria as the worst place to be born in 2013. The upper chamber of the Legislative Arm  - the Nigeria Senate -  added salt to this 'injury' by passing a law that the Nigerian child is marriageable under 18. The hypocrisy in the passage of the Bill claim ignorance, religious and tribal sentiments. The cry of the Nigeria child is that nobody cares where they are, what the are doing, how they are fairing and their preparedness to take over piloting the Nation to a great destiny. They always say 'the Nigerian Child is the leader of tomorrow'. This is their plight. 

Our flight is seen in our desperation to go and seek greener pastures in North American and European Countries. The Nigerian Child is so fearful of the hardship and seemingly unsolvable Economic hardship, frustration, joblessness & corruption.  The alternative is the flight that is neocolonialism and as the same time another slave trade. The jobs they do in these Countries is disgustingly appalling. It is disgusting but the cowardly Nigerian Child is never afraid of the flight.

The fight of the Nigerian child is left for those who don't want to run. They want to confront to conquer. However, those caught in the plight and flight intend to be like the the children of Ephraim being armed with bows and arrows but turned back at the battlefront. Please tell those on the plight and flight to come home and join the fight because they have everything actualize their glorious destinies as the Nigerian Child. Nigeria lives and will not DIE!!! Nigeria lives love every category of the Nigerian Child!!!      

Friday, 2 August 2013

If I perish, I perish

The Jewish nation and people group are the most resilient and amazing worldwide. Their forcefulness and determination engendered the rebirth of Eretz Israel. Palestine as it were, which is situated at a strategic location between EgyptSyria and Arabia, is the birthplace of Judaism and Christianity religion that has a long and tumultuous history as a crossroads for religion, culture, commerce, and politics. The region has been controlled by numerous different peoples, this includes Ancient Egyptians, Canaanites, Israelites, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, the Sunni Arab Caliphates, the Shia Fatimid Caliphate, Crusaders, Ayyubids, Mameluks, ottomans, the British and Modern Israelis and the Palestinians.

They are the custodian of the Law and Covenant of the Christian Faith. God recognized their reliance and entrusted the destiny of humanity to them. When they were taken captives to SUSA, during the Achaemenid Empire – first Persian Empire, we saw the emergence of Queen Esther who made the famous sentence: If I perish, I perish. She wanted to appear before the King without being summoned, and if she doesn’t find favour in the sight of the King, she will be executed. But she had to, in order to prevent the Genocide of her people group. She fasted and God’s favour shone on her appearance and this made the difference. Anti-Semitism did not start in the modern history but it has always been there. It started from the Pharaoh that did not know Joseph in Biblical book of Exodus, till the holocaust of the modern History.

But what is this epoch statement telling every living Nigerian? Until someone stands and say no to this way we are being treated, nothing will change in our beloved country. In Esther’s milieu, Mordecai told her if she doesn’t rise, God would still raise help for his people. Therefore, to every Nigerian whose voice can be heard like Esther’s, they should speak up and dared the status quo. If they do not, God will still raise help for Nigeria and the Nigeria of our dream will emerge. It doesn’t matter, ‘If I perish, I perish’ but Nigeria lives and will not die. The Nigeria State will not fail.        

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Political Delicacies

History and Biblical records told about certain folks that were far away from home but were able to preserve faith and their identity. We will never forget Daniel and his friends. Every generation had emerged after them has always ‘dared to be Daniel’. Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego did not bow down to the king’s graven image. The Lion couldn't devour Daniel also. This feat is traceable to the fact that they stayed away from the king’s sweet food. They were away from home and they took the captivity as their temporary home even though the return home after seventy years will not be in their life time. They had every reason to partake of the king’s rich meat but they did not. This seemingly irrelevant abstinence engendered many things and their testimony is eternal. Their feat is still illogical to the skeptics and unbelievers. Fiery furnace couldn't decimate them and the lions became a pet overnight.

In our Nigeria milieu, the king’s portion is the fabled ‘National Cake’. It is seen as ‘chop I chop’, who cares about the future. When you cut your portion, I will cut mime for there to be peace in the land. This mentality is taking its tow on the economy. The rich are said to be getting richer and the poor, getting poorer. Who stands the chance of not joining the fray in modern day Nigeria? After all, if you can’t beat them to it, you can join them. Everyone knows that stealing is sinful and unethical. The question now is simply: where is the Nigerian man is or woman who can is and is willing stay away from these things?

Our irony is simply the need to position people with the mind to say no to pilfer our resources or the Nigeria of our dream will not be attainable. There is no doubt whatsoever that the Nigeria of our dream is gradually emerging. We are about to see the generation that will run governance at the expense of the deceitful ‘Immunity Clause’. However, we still need people that will put to a halt the evil status quo and shame traceable to our democracy. Spread the news and shout it on to the roof top if you or they want to be relevant politically and historically, they must never take what is not theirs when they are privileged to be in power. Don’t pilfer, don’t divert and don’t ever steal Nigeria’s money. Providence will ask but the best news is still Nigeria Lives and cannot die!!!