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Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Plight, Flight and Fight of the Nigerian Child

Economic Intelligent Unit ranks Nigeria as the worst place to be born in 2013. The upper chamber of the Legislative Arm  - the Nigeria Senate -  added salt to this 'injury' by passing a law that the Nigerian child is marriageable under 18. The hypocrisy in the passage of the Bill claim ignorance, religious and tribal sentiments. The cry of the Nigeria child is that nobody cares where they are, what the are doing, how they are fairing and their preparedness to take over piloting the Nation to a great destiny. They always say 'the Nigerian Child is the leader of tomorrow'. This is their plight. 

Our flight is seen in our desperation to go and seek greener pastures in North American and European Countries. The Nigerian Child is so fearful of the hardship and seemingly unsolvable Economic hardship, frustration, joblessness & corruption.  The alternative is the flight that is neocolonialism and as the same time another slave trade. The jobs they do in these Countries is disgustingly appalling. It is disgusting but the cowardly Nigerian Child is never afraid of the flight.

The fight of the Nigerian child is left for those who don't want to run. They want to confront to conquer. However, those caught in the plight and flight intend to be like the the children of Ephraim being armed with bows and arrows but turned back at the battlefront. Please tell those on the plight and flight to come home and join the fight because they have everything actualize their glorious destinies as the Nigerian Child. Nigeria lives and will not DIE!!! Nigeria lives love every category of the Nigerian Child!!!