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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Political Delicacies

History and Biblical records told about certain folks that were far away from home but were able to preserve faith and their identity. We will never forget Daniel and his friends. Every generation had emerged after them has always ‘dared to be Daniel’. Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego did not bow down to the king’s graven image. The Lion couldn't devour Daniel also. This feat is traceable to the fact that they stayed away from the king’s sweet food. They were away from home and they took the captivity as their temporary home even though the return home after seventy years will not be in their life time. They had every reason to partake of the king’s rich meat but they did not. This seemingly irrelevant abstinence engendered many things and their testimony is eternal. Their feat is still illogical to the skeptics and unbelievers. Fiery furnace couldn't decimate them and the lions became a pet overnight.

In our Nigeria milieu, the king’s portion is the fabled ‘National Cake’. It is seen as ‘chop I chop’, who cares about the future. When you cut your portion, I will cut mime for there to be peace in the land. This mentality is taking its tow on the economy. The rich are said to be getting richer and the poor, getting poorer. Who stands the chance of not joining the fray in modern day Nigeria? After all, if you can’t beat them to it, you can join them. Everyone knows that stealing is sinful and unethical. The question now is simply: where is the Nigerian man is or woman who can is and is willing stay away from these things?

Our irony is simply the need to position people with the mind to say no to pilfer our resources or the Nigeria of our dream will not be attainable. There is no doubt whatsoever that the Nigeria of our dream is gradually emerging. We are about to see the generation that will run governance at the expense of the deceitful ‘Immunity Clause’. However, we still need people that will put to a halt the evil status quo and shame traceable to our democracy. Spread the news and shout it on to the roof top if you or they want to be relevant politically and historically, they must never take what is not theirs when they are privileged to be in power. Don’t pilfer, don’t divert and don’t ever steal Nigeria’s money. Providence will ask but the best news is still Nigeria Lives and cannot die!!!