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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

We will get through this....

America's  40th President and oldest ever elected at age 69, Ronald Reagan, in his inaugural address on January 20 1981, said 'Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem'. In Nigeria's context, what is our problem? who is our problem?

There is a worldview about government in Nigeria as a mere institution and the persons are in it are sacred and invincible. Anything government in Nigeria is more of the monuments and moments, not responsibility and commitment to service and delivery of electioneering flattering. After all, politicians in the world over, way of life is flattery. What is our problem? Who is the government?

The Government is made up of persons and it implies Government is human, and not necessarily our historical monuments and the duration of its stay. It is human even if it indulges in inhuman activities. But what is Nigeria's problem? Government? No. Who or what? Nigeria's fundamental problem has always been laid on the government but it is not entirely so. Nigeria's basic problem is her citizenry.

This has to do with our mindset, believe system, values and convictions. We are overly expectant of our brand of leaders as if they are not the product of our system. The problem is our system is change resistant. If a leader arises and intends to visit the sins and misgivings of our past, people will moan and groan. We are emotionally tied to culture and people group. If he or she is our kinsmen, no problem. But if not, they should be punished. Our system is the problem and if it is not taken care of, no one will be able to confront and conquer our challenges. An average Nigerian is selfish. If you think you are not, when last did you say, 'God bless Nigeria'?

Think about these things. We are capable of taking our destiny into our hands. We are the problem. When we solve this, we will celebrate the Nigeria of our dream on the Mountain Top!!!We will get through this!!!


"Today is a brand new day. A fresh start. Replace any negativity with positivity. Think happy thoughts. Exercise. Drink lots of water. Fill your body with fuel. Healthy is happy. Inspire yourself. Create. Laugh. Play. Love. Learn. Give someone a compliment. Make a new friend. Do a random act of kindness. It creates good karma. Take chances and finally start living life to its fullest. But no matter what's thrown at you today, smile and remember, tomorrow's always a fresh new start."