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Friday, 30 November 2012

Fate of our Fathers

Nigeria celebrated its 52nd Independence Anniversary last October. We are very close to the centenary mark of the Amalgamation of the Nigeria State. This is just two years from now. It’s in the year 2014. Many generations have emerged and are exiting the colossal Nigeria. Some are living relishing their bounty while some are regretting their identity as Nigerians. Those who looted the treasury were cut up in most cases. Those that are still around are in big trouble, they are never at peace. This is because the curse of the Lord is in the house of a thief. Hasty wealth is trendy in the country of our birth and its most vulnerable platform is in our political sphere. But in all these circumstances and challenges, the most pitiable persons among of us are our fathers.

They believe that their generation is wasted. They are part of the problem but not all of them. They are in their latter years and they are facing their graves. They stand the chance of entering the graves unfulfilled. They will exit the scene without really fulfilling their part of the assignment to make the Nigeria State enviable. What is their fate?

They will go six feet beneath unfulfilled. This is not because there are no opportunities to make things right but they believe it’s too late for them to start. But the truth is ‘it’s never late to start anything good’. Even if they are at the very end of their sunset years, they must endeavour to do what they can to rewrite the beautiful Nigeria story. Therefore, to all fathers that are sensitive to their legacy, they must endeavour to do well. They have a role to play, a gap to fill and a lesson to impart to the emerging generation. If they do not, even their ‘so called’ resting place is not secured. On a light note, their fate is not sealed; they are left with a choice.      

God Bless Nigeria!!!