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Friday, 23 November 2012

The Nuisance of Omo Onile in New Lagos

Omo Onile literally means ‘Owner of the land’. From a straight Biblical point of view, God is the owner of every land. Bible states explicitly ‘the Earth is the Lord and its fullness there of’ {Ps24:1}. However, human kind over the ages has given credence to foremost settlers as rightly owner of territories and geographical locations. This suggests there are Citizens and land owners, Aliens and sojourners and Nomads as in some places in Africa. If an individual decides to settle in a location, not as a sojourner, he will make enquires about his choice of abode and look for the rightful owners to purchase a plot of land or more. He will pay price and then proceed to develop his land with ease and peace into something habitable.

This is obtainable in most places in Nigeria. But the case is not the same in Lagos, South West, Nigeria. There are some scoundrels who parade themselves as ‘Omo Onile’. It doesn’t matter if the price of the land is fully paid, they will harass the new land owner, and in most cases assault and threaten them. What is going here? I had the experience recently and I was really disgusted at this unconstitutional act. Even if we don’t really have respect for constitution in Nigeria, this inhumane act must stop. However, they know how far they can go in some cases. They don’t harass the very rich that is influential. They also avoid sites of Armed Forces because they know how the story will end if they do. Who will help those who are not connected in high places?       

I believe this harassment of ‘Omo Onile’ is an abuse of fundamental human rights privilege in Nigeria. However, it can be curtailed because its prominence is in Lagos, South West Nigeria only.  It must stop! It’s not negotiable. The truth is some of us will not take any claptrap. They should never dare us with it. Omo Onile beware...don’t go near my’s under construction! Therefore, Lagos State Government is hereby encouraged to do what is right. An Omo Onile extra charge is unconstitutional and it cannot be justified. It is inhumane and it must stop.  

Nigeria Lives!!! God bless Nigeria!