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Friday, 28 February 2014


The storm is intense…the seasons and the moments are dragging…I wish each new day closes with the sun that heralds it coming and not its setting.

Will this ever come to an end?

Why do I have to go through all this?

I shouted ‘Why Me’ at my Creator!!!

He responded ‘Why not you childsolemnly.

We go through challenges to make us better persons.
In most cases, we go through challenges because of our poor choices.

At times, we pass through extreme pain to come out stronger.

But the most interesting feature and milieu is to go through challenges, pains, difficulties and what have you, because of someone else.

It’s most difficult to deal with.

But God takes us through these things in order for us to be there for someone who is yet to go through the same. People naturally listen to those who have been there, not those who can analyze their dilemma and predicament.

Therefore, when life – tests comes calling again, don’t cry ‘Why me’….shout ‘Try me’!!!