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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

My Father, Pastor, our Prophet!

1.       Once upon a Mandate
There was an ardent God – lover
Who is still One as a Sexagenarian
This is my Ode for a Living Marvel
2.       On that calends of May,
My Father rendezvoused the God of purpose
God beautified Generations with the Mandate
Liberation Mandate has been Otherworldly
3.       He is our Father of Faith
The Chosen One after God’s Heart
The Timeless Prophet of the Winning Family
Our Father, Our Pastor, Our Prophet
4.      We weren’t there when the Mandate was entrusted,
        But there is no Iota of doubt because
        We are living witnesses of the Dynamism of the Mandate

        Our Proclivity for the Kingdom is inexplicable

  5.      My Father is raising a Company of God – Lovers
          The Kind Humanity has never seen
          We believe that in the lifetime of my Father
          It would have turned to a Winners World real good
6.      I can see my Father at the utmost summit
        In this 2nd-Half of His Quest for the delivery of the Mandate
        He will conquer the Summit of Greater Work than this
        To deliver good what was once delivered.
7.      We will be exceptional Sons and Daughters of the Prophet
          Trading ardently with the tenets of the Mandate
          For our order of yet to be seen Testimonies
          Our Breakthroughs will definitely humble those without.  

                                                                   +Dotun Owolabi
                                                        September, 2014