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Monday, 12 September 2011

Nigeria lives I

Nigeria thrives and it is not a naysaying as it is rated as a potential failed state. But the issue is despite of her multifaceted challenges, she doesn’t seem like a state that will ever look down. Discontent is not strange to her, restiveness in some parts has become trendy, the advent of suicide bombings and Boko Haram agenda has made it a possible troubled-spot in the world. The change that we desire seems to be elusive and the re-cycle of power is overly imminent. Those who promised 7 point agenda during the electioneering campaign are busy politicking and their government is now delivering NO POINT AGENDA.   The leaders that have really failed are figure-hugging onto power as it was their birth right. It is obvious that they are spent and they don’t have anything to offer again but they don’t want relinquish power. They are afraid of everyone who is not their ally; they don’t want to be exposed. They resolve to predictable politicking, abysmal idolatry and occultism.  

However, in spite of their wanton excesses, inordinate ambitions, and their do-or-die mentality, Nigeria is still alive. Why? Is she not a failed State? NO! There are two major factors amongst numerous factors. The first being the God-factor and the other is still God-given, and it is the ‘Nigeria Spirit’. This Spirit never says die or give up in the face of any challenge. That Nigerians are the happiest people on the earth is not a gainsaying, it is out-and-out. More so, Nigeria has the record for the highest number of church attendance weekly which is estimated to be 89% of her population. But this does not translate to equity and justice my readers will object. But this is not going to be disadvantage when the time comes, it’s going to be a great gain. The good side of this feat is the fact that people appear in God’s presence on Sundays and other week days with the hope that HE’s able to change them and make them better in the undertaking of assignments. It is preparation for what the world has never seen before now, Nigeria’s change of fortune and fervour will be dramatic and enviable. This does not encourage Christians to be dropping their Christlikeness at church doors but to translate it into their daily living – Sunday to Sunday. 

What is God-factor in our context? God created Nigeria and it was our colonialists endeavour or agenda. This should be a great consolation and succour. This suggests that God has a great plan for Nigeria that will definitely be realised. Acts17:26 avers “From one man HE created all the nations throughout the whole earth. HE decided beforehand when they should rise and fall, and HE determined their boundaries”. Nigeria then is not an amalgamation of the sovereignty of the colonialists but HER entirety was designed by God. This includes the kind of people, their positioning, culture, time and place. For this reason, which is arguably the best, Nigeria will never fail, She will flourish. She can’t crash but cruise with ease and grace to her actual position in the committee of nations. Our confidence is in GOD, who will take – not just able – us from where we are to where we should be.

The Nigeria spirit will never give up in seemingly impossible situations, the Spirit is heaven- made. The Spirit doesn’t give up but holds on even if the odds are not favourable. The Spirit always find a way out, the spirit will never resolve to shriek. The Spirit can be likened to a Lion that turns back form no one or nothing (Prov30:30). We believe in the Nigeria Spirit more than the fabled ‘Nigeria factor’ that is observable in every nation of this earth. Nigeria lives and will never fail!