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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Drawing board ethos and delusion

We have a tradition in Nigeria after every time we fail. Our kind of leaders in all sectors does not admit mistakes for their failure. We have a lopsided view of failure. The view is a minor factor nonetheless. They don’t admit their shortcomings, errors, and ill-preparedness. They do not see failure as an opportunity to do things in a better way. It has become a slogan anytime they failed or the endeavor was almost a success. They would always say ‘we will go back to the drawing board’. They are used to this delusional way of reassurance. This as it were, doesn’t imply change from their part, let alone approach. It’s a culture thing. They don’t lead the charge to prepare well for whatever, and when they fail, they would say it’s going to be better next time. The slogan is associated with sports but it’s not only where this kind of failure is obtainable. What they can only prepare for well is what will bring fortune to their pockets and account. If it will do every one well, it’s not their concern. The question is where is this imaginary drawing board? Is it at their offices, home or abroad?

The truth of the matter is the fact that there is no drawing board anywhere. The leaders that we have are not really interested in leading. They want to rule, exploit and exert. If it won’t favour them, it is not it. Their capacity to lead is questionable. They do not like preparing for what will favour the generality of the populace. They are opportunists, taking advantage of innocent Nigerians. Drawing board is imaginary. It has never been referred to. We love doing things without preparation. We neglect excellence at the expense of opportunity and so-called ability. We celebrate talents and gifting and neglect preparation. Without mincing words, this statement is truer than ever, ‘failure to plan is prepare to fail’. There is no other route to excellence and success without preparation. Success and excellence is not accidental. They are deliberately worked on.

Therefore, in our journey back to excellence and where we really belong to, we must prepare! There is no other way to it. If we really intend to take our place, we must prepare for every event, everything that pertains to us. We must prepare for the kind of leadership that we desire. We must be objective in positioning administrators. We must do away with the idea of quota. Right pegs must be put in right holes. We have the manpower to manage our lives and resources well. Rather than failing readily at home and at international events, and resolving to the drawing board that is imaginary and delusional, we would rather practice the beauty of excellence. This starts with adequate and timely preparation.  After all, what is worth doing at all is worth doing well. We can’t afford to fail again. We will not fail yet again. Nigeria is alive!