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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

We will get it right!

Military rule is by no means better...we can't pray for that again. But our democracy is dull and not delivering. On the other hand, Marjorie Kelly avers "The lesson of history is clear: democracy always wins in the end". This implies that we are still going to get it right someday and when we do, we will become the envy of the nations. We will win, Nigeria is alive!

How feasible is your assertion, oh patriot? What do you have to show for it this past 12years of Nigeria-form of democratic rule? Flagrant abuse of power, selfish agenda of the ruling class and the unprecedented pilfering of the resources of our mother land, it’s appalling to discover how much has been sunk into the power sector of our economy. Where the money has gone, no one can tell. It’s as if our come back is just a mere daydreaming, but the truth is that we are able discover our true state, make the decision that is going to be the most decisive in our history, not just a resolution and the country of our birth will turn around. We will definitely not miss it forever.

The Nigeria that is going to be able to bounce back in this big magnitude can’t be wished, but must be created. Who is able to create this form of Nigeria for us? No one can but us. Our foreign detractors are not capable, they are simply opportunists. They have always come to take advantage of us, they can’t help. Our rulers cannot. They are not leaders because a leader leads. Leaders show the way and take the first step on that same way. But they are not really interested in setting the pace for us. They don’t have the capacity and the depth to lead us to the Nigeria of our dream. Who can?

If they can’t, we can. They are never interested in creating this kind of Nigeria because it’s not going to be business as usual. This kind of Nigeria is our interest; we are the ones that will build it. How? When? Where? We can, by giving the indispensable commitment to excellence wherever we are, whatsoever we are doing. When is this going to be? When is it going to start? It must be now because it is more reasonable now than ever. Where as it were, is in the country of our birth. We are able to get it right if everyone is ready to commit himself fully to excellence. 

Nigeria is alive and it’s able to become the envy of this generation not in Africa only, but in the world over. Nigeria is great!