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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

What Nigerians can do

What can Nigerians do? What is it that is branded with Nigerians? Can anything good come out Nigeria? At that other context, that was more than 2000 years…a question was asked thus; ‘Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” But at the end of the day, what will be the best forever came out of Nazareth. Who would have thought the Savior of the whole wide world will come of that Nazareth. Bible affirms ‘Who would have thought that a little place out of the Judean hill will give us the Saviour’. (Micah5:2). What then can come out of Nigeria? If not corruption, disgusting leadership, and bad maintenance culture, what else can?

Let me tell what Nigerians can do. The Nigerian Spirit is amazing. It is also enviable. Nigerians are arguably the most resilient people group on earth. From the coastal shores of Lagos, to the sun baked caliphate of Kano, we are resilient and we will not bow down to anything. From the Oil rich deposits of our Delta, to the peace and enviable features of our middle belt, we are bent on humbling the world with amazing feats and records. This is not on the record, but it’s entering it right about now, no nation has gone through what we’ve been through without ensuing to war. No nation is able to bear what we have borne without breaking into splinters. What we can do is to humble the pride of the Western world. We will prove to them what we can do and they will know that something good is able to come out of Nigeria. 

What Nigerians can do is the fact that they can stay together if they want. It is interesting to know that we will always stay together because we can’t really thrive without one another. If Nigeria should splint, think of a Nigeria where every Yoruba man will become a foreigner in Abuja or Kano. Who takes over the ‘Centre of unity’ that was built with everyone’s resources? What will happen to our way of life that we’ve lived even before the advent of the colonialists and the independence of our nation? We’ve stayed too long together to want to thrive exclusively. Westerners would not be able to thrive and live fine without tomatoes from the Northerners. They also can’t live fine without products of South’s forestation and forestry. We have been divinely positioned to be mutually dependent, therefore, there will never be a context in our history when we will decide ‘to your tents oh Nigerians’. We will always stay together. After all, it’s for peace and unity.

What Nigerians can do is the fact that they can create, invent and improvise anything. Peace and unity is it! Nigeria is alive. We will get there...we will not split because it wasn't an option when the future was so bleak, now that it is getting clearer and brighter, we won't take a bow. We will hold on. What Nigerians can do then is that we are able to stay together forever...this we will do!