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Monday, 12 September 2011

The Fallacy of Nigeria Factor!

What is it about the Nigeria factor? Are people indulging in ignoble acts because they are Nigerians? Certainly Not! Names are readily given to events and happenings erroneously. Hurricane Irene just devastated some parts of the U.S; Irene as it were implies peace. That name shouldn’t have been given to that Hurricane, but it was named withal but it didn’t bring peace but turmoil and destruction. The modern day challenge is the advent of celebrating what is dastardly without realising its effect. The issue of Nigeria factor comes to play whenever a Nigerian misbehaves in the international scene. But the issue is the fact if these things happen because persons involved are Nigerians? Absolutely no! These things happen because they are humans whose emotion took better of them. They are frail and feeble but this is no excuse. Every one of us is but not all of us will ever indulge in these things. In their frailty and feebleness, they should have watched it; those who live in glass house don’t play with stones, let alone throwing them. It is then not a Nigerian factor; it is rather a human factor. 

If it were not human factor, when other nationalities misbehave, why is it not their identity? Suicide bombings should have been termed ‘Arabian factor’, shooting to kill at schools termed ‘American factor’, and… the like. But these vices are not given these names, where is corruption our identity. Was the incident of the ousted IMF boss a French factor? When the allegations of unscrupulous advances were made, he was charged to court but the act was not named at all. This suggests that vices are not Nigeria factor but human factor. Individuals don’t commit ethical blunders because they Nigerian but because they are humans. It will not never turn out to be whatever because they are Nigerians, it’s because they do not have personal discipline. That is not a bane of our country, but the fact that these individuals are not committed to excellence. More so, it will never be a case because if there are some people in Nigeria that are good, then it’s not a general image but the actual image of select individuals. What is the way out of this fallacy that is obviously a product of hasty generalization?

One of the ways to get rid of this nuisance is to watch how we position people to whatsoever position. We must always put those that will never bow to despicable deeds in strategic position. This is vital because a very small number of people represent the common good of the majority. In many instances, they are not the right persons because their positioning goes against the will of the people. That’s why they don’t serve us but themselves. It tells on us and it gives a very negative message to the rest of the world and when this things happen, the world don’t care what the goods ones are capable of doing but what the bad ones have done. Even though this terrible worldview is erroneous, the world can’t get rid of it for us, we are the ones to stand on our feet and fight it by ourselves. This is so important because there will always be Nigerian that will always be making noble choices. This as it were is invitation to responsibility. We must rise and begin to influence who occupies where and which position. This vendetta should be taken to every aspect of our national life, be in public service, private enterprises, standard must be set and sanctions will be used against anyone that flaws the standard. 

In this instance, we want to know ‘who’ before ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘which’. Be it governmental or nongovernmental, big corporations and companies. It doesn’t matter who own it, what matters most is the image of Nigeria. We will ask about their prospects, ideals, and their track records. What have they achieved? Are they qualified to lead or represent us? What are they known for? What is their reputation? And most importantly, do they have integrity? This is so important because if they flourish or falter, it is going to be ‘that Nigerian’. Their names are not always mentioned like our country’s, especially if it’s in international community. His is a fact forever, people are not corrupt, unethical, undisciplined or covetous and selfish because they are Nigerians, rather, it’s because they are humans and the actual causative is the innate nature of sins. It’s inherent, and it comes out readily here because of our kind of structure and media. When it happens at other places, they are covered and termed another name. Others have known how to cover theirs, ours we won’t cover but root out of our system.

Nigeria is able to come out of this terrible worldview of irresponsibility and corruption because we will take responsibility and hold anyone who despises the image of our motherland…Nigeria lives like no other and thrives indeed. Nigeria factor is fallacy and we will not live with it. Nigeria lives!