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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Release of Power by Bishop David O Oyedepo: Striking Quotes

“Christianity without Power is a frustrated religion” (Pg 5)

“You are born of power, you can’t afford to die a weakling” (Pg 25)

“If you’re saved, you’re a power – loaded personality. If Christ is there, power is there” (Pg 44)

“God’s Word is His Spirit in written form, and when it is absorbed into your spirit, you encounter power” (Pg 47)

“The name of Jesus answers to challenges and brings every opposition down” (Pg 76)

“The blood of Jesus represents our stronghold in the covenant. When your understanding of the blood becomes deep, you become unstoppable and unmolestable” (Pg 77)

“Heavenly citizens fight with the blood and shoot arrows of testimonies” (Pg 85)

“Proclaiming the gospel is the cheapest way to walk in power. God is always ready to back up His Word” (Pg 97)

 “You are a power bomb! Once you open yourself up, power will explode inside you. All you need to do is let go of every shame. Those who reproach you today will join in singing you praise tomorrow. It is automatic! (Pg 105)

“The cheapest way to walk in power is to be a consistent, energetic, non – relenting proclaimer of the gospel” (pg 105)

“Vengeance is one of the prominent ministries of the Holy Ghost this end time. The day of vengeance of our God has begun” (Pg 128)

“When you present your heart as a tablet, you don’t only receive insight, but you also receive an impartation that will enable the insight to produce”

“Embrace the anointed of God from afar. Desire the hand of God upon them and very soon you see the same anointing they carry flowing through top you” (Pg 145)

“Look beyond that common chemical called ‘olive oil’, into the mystery it carries. It carries mysterious virtues. It is the power of God” (Pg 151)

“The Communion infuses God’s kind of life into your blood stream, your bones, marrows, mind and spirit – man. Whatever is contrary to life inside your system is instantly destroyed!” (Pgs 166 – 167)

“The wisdom of feet – washing offers you the singular opportunity of stepping into all things delivered to Christ” (Pg 170)

“By the efficacy of calvary, the death and resurrection of Jesus, there is nothing more left in Satan. By the authority of Scriptures and the integrity of the Word of God, the death and resurrection of Jesus marked the final end of the devil’s reign” (Pg 172)

“We are in the era of power, when the enemies of God must surrender. As we begin to manifest the greatness of His power, every kind of abuse against redemption must bow” (Pg 184)

“From now on, at your appearance, every closed gate shall be lifted up! Every Red Sea shall give way! Every mountain shall skip like rams at your appearance, and every valley shall be filled” (Pg 193)

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