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Monday, 6 October 2014

More Remarkable Words of my Father

There is no Mountain anywhere, every man’s ignorance is his mountain

The glory of a man is in his Story

Breakthrough in Life is not a Promise, it is a Covenant

The love of God is your Immunity against failures and all woes and calamity of this present world

There is nothing you catch in the Shallow Waters that will make the news, but what you catch in the Deep Waters

Diligence and Sacrifice can procure Success but it is only adding value that can Expand your Success

Only those who look up go up

Your inheritance of Success is only accessible though Revelation

Every anointed God lover is a Potential Pacesetter

The end time is two sided – There will be Strange risings in the body of Christ and Pitch darkness and Crashes in the other side

The bible is evidently the most reliable book on all – round success

Our greatest need on the earth right now is a heart for God

When you are in love with God, you will become unbeatable in all contests of life

People are in need because they do not know what they need