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Monday, 25 July 2011

The Right Citizens!

It is better to lend a helping hand than to point an accusing finger. I will not visit the sins, blame the disorder, trade the pains, confer the struggles, invoke the kind of poverty and wish injustice of the land on our leaders alone. The first question is if I am a right Nigerian? Leadership surely is about character and capacity. However before considering the worth of the character of my leaders…and the tenacity of their capacity… am I a genuine follower? This is a call to be a patriot by keeping my own side of the deal. How?

The simple way is to be a right Nigeria. This surely goes beyond being a road side patriot, a newsstand analyst and a Television/Radio news commentator. I have to be totally sold to the development of my country. Therefore, I must not indulge in anything that is questionable and ignoble. Before complaining of corruption… I must say no to it with passion in my own little corner. Before asserting their incompetence… how faithful am I with my own entrusted Endeavour? Before wishing they weren’t the ones there… how am I influencing and changing my own enterprise? The call then is to be the right Nigerian before calling my leaders to order. They will then be able to listen… my little influence and input counts…I must a right citizen of Nigeria.

Most importantly, be the right Nigerian because Nigeria is coming Alive more powerfully than before. It is well with our motherland!!!