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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Our Irony!

When our heroes past have had enough of colonialism, they fought with passion and heartiness for our Independence but they least expected neo-colonialism. When they were fighting, they couldn’t look around because there wasn’t anyone to look to. On the other hand, they fought with the assurance that what they will entrust is going to be preserved. But the irony of our generation is the fact that there is virtually no one to look up to aside from our Church Fathers. We are surrounded by rouges and marauders who are not thinking of those coming after them. In fact, they are not only depleting the resources but eroding the core beliefs and the legacy of our founding fathers.

Our concern is not the wealth and resources that they are wasting, that is no issue because, if they do not pay it back, their offspring will pay. The concern is what they are teaching us. They are teaching us to be opportunists, idlers and wasters. But this we will not learn. If they choose not to be good, that will not make us to be bad. We will hold to the essentials of our founding fathers and then refuse to bow down to this dilemma of neo-colonialism. This is because someday, we want to stand tall and look at our own children in their faces and tell them that we did our part by making sure that the labours of “our heroes past didn't end up in vain”. It will be left for them then to do their parts. Ours we will do because we believe that Nigeria will not sink…but will soar!