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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Once Upon My Individuality.....

I'm aware of the Crowd
I've observed them to be without Crown
I used to love the Glamour
But it has taken away my Armour
I continued to be me and discovered
A Path less traversed
The path is not in far away height
But it's the gateway to emerge heavy weight
The walk way is not in Vogue
such ways make Rouge
But when I dare to walk in it
I found rest and fulfillment there in
success and significance notwithstanding
Always my individuality is my personal destiny
How I will end is not a matter of any luck somewhere, someday
But taking full responsibility for my choices
Once upon my Individuality
I'm persuaded I will face Him alone someday......
He will then ask what didst thou with the worth you were given?

                                                                                      +Riches 2016