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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Nigeria Can Work!!!

Sunday Bombings in Northern Nigeria have become an eyesore. We are faced with the question we have been asking ourselves again. Can the Nigeria state work? Yes it can if we want it to. But if we don't want it to work, we will analyse, commentate and proffer the way out and this won't do anything. But how will the Nigeria State survive, live and then thrive?

It will work if we can recall where we are coming from. We have been through a lot as people. We attained the independence together. We then have suffered together, mourned together, travailed together, triumph together and preserve the State together in spite of the Civil war. We endured the wicked military rule together and saw the transition to another civil rule together. We are about to see true democracy how a State that respects the rule of law will be. I submit that because of what we have been through together, we will stay together and make Nigeria to be a great success.